We work with clients to identify the opportunities for enhancing the efficiency, accuracy and relevance of the activities of their front line workers.  We offer clear, platform-agnostic advice about the different technologies that might be used.


We develop mobile solutions that take into account the requirements of the field worker and the needs of management.  Our focus always considers function and then form, never sacrificing one for the other.  We won't select the hardware before we know the functionality, we won't choose the interface without knowing who is using it, and we won't build a training plan without understanding the culture.


With over 10 years of experience, Fusient has the skill and insight to design, build and deploy custom applications that deliver substantial enhancements in business productivity.


Key aspects of Fusient's consulting and development offer include:

•  System and function analysis

•  Design consultation

•  Application architecture

•  Application development

•  Training and deployment services

•  Complete application and device support

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